7 reasons to have an online presence

You know you should have a website and be posting on Social Media, but why exactly? Keep reading to find out why.

The stats

Back in the olden days (September 2015), the IAB (Internet Advice Bureau) and UKOM (UK Online Measurement company) published some research saying that users in the UK spend an average of 2 hours and 51 minutes every day on the internet. Oh, and that’s being active online too, not time connected or with just one webpage open in the background. It’s the time of users actually doing stuff online.

“It equates to about 1 in every 6 waking minutes.”

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One interesting thing to note is that IAB & UKCOM’s research has shown that over 50% of users in 2015 were online with a mobile device. This puts the UK well ahead of the curve of global webpage views on a mobile device.

Maintain your brand image

A well designed website will help maintain your great reputation, online. Your brand is your company’s identity and customers looking for more information about you should be able to find you online. If they can’t…


… the worst may happen and they find your competitor online instead. A great website also helps small businesses level the playing field and go head to head with larger companies to secure those customers.

Low cost advertising

You can spend as much, or as little, on advertising as you would like. Your website is the showroom to your business that never closes. Let customers browse your products or services, get to know you and your brand a little bit and make their own decision on whether to buy and what to buy.

Huge reach

Your website and online advertising has so much more potential to reach more pairs of eyes than a flyer in the local shop ever will. When you pair your website and search results with active social media posting and advertising then that is a massively powerful force.

In fact, my business cards arrived around 4 hours ago and after a little post on Facebook I know that already I have got those business cards in front of around 500 people, and at least 40 of them have had a look at the photo. Not bad for 4 hours work…

Easily target advertising

With the above ‘insights’ and Google Analytics the power of advertising can be targeted to certain demographics. Are your products or services suitable for a certain type of person? Then with targeted advertising you are able to target those potential customers directly.

For instance, I know that most of the users who like my page on Facebook are the most active at 17:00. To use this data practically, I would target my advertising or posts to be published at 16:45 so that it’s waiting in their newsfeeds for when most people (I’m guessing) finish work and check Facebook.

Potentially untapped markets

By using targeted advertising, coupled with the huge reach and a strong brand image it will help your business tap into markets and demographics you may not have realised even existed.

Shows you what marketing works and what doesn’t

Google Analytics and Facebook’s insights will help you see which marketing and posting campaigns are working for your business and which aren’t, meaning that you will have more time to focus on what matters.


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