After a recent interview and getting the feedback “we need someone who is a bit more experienced on actual design”, it got me wondering. What is actual design? How do you define design?

I tried googling it and that didn’t help. I didn’t get much further with different search strings; they were all coming back with the same, fantastic resources. Websites like Udemy, Codecademy, Freecodecamp and Wix are great for teaching you and providing you with the tools and the knowledge to create websites but my question remained unanswered.

You hear and read a lot about people who are naturally talented artists/poets/musicians/writers etc. and it must be so easy for them because they are naturally talented. Design, like writing/signing/playing an instrument, is a skill. Skills should be practiced, and practiced and practiced. Either way, I’m not ‘naturally talented’ and I’m very under-practiced! So where to start?

I kept searching and eventually I stumbled across this gem. It taught me more in the 4 minutes of going through the website than the 4 days of head scratching and reading different articles on ‘proportion’, ‘composition’, ‘colour meanings’ and ‘assessing the mood of a typeface’.

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