Scout Group Website

1st Bedworth Scout Group is a local Scout Group with around 200 members. It’s one of the largest Groups in the District providing adventurous activities for all age groups.

Their website is a tool to provide up to date information to the members while showing parents and the community what the youngsters get up to on a week to week basis.

This is a custom template built for the WordPress CMS. Some key features include a custom photo gallery and randomly selected header photos.


The Scout Group uses Flickr to store and organise their photos in their private ‘photostream’ and then any they want to publish are put into a ‘photoset’ and made public. One of the challenges with this template was the integration of the current workflow and only displaying the published photos on the website.

There are loads of plugins out there for photo galleries and Flickr photo galleries, but they usually pull in every photo from the ‘photostream’ (not suitable for the current workflow) or they only look at one ‘photoset’ and display that (does not display all published photos) or they only display x amount of photos in each set (free version of the plugin).

My solution was to create a photo gallery from scratch using jQuery and the Flickr API. This kept the current workflow intact and allowed any new ‘photosets’ and the photos inside them to be included automatically.

Currently the gallery is included in the custom theme files, but I am planning on making the gallery into a WordPress Plugin so that it can be installed on different websites with ease.

Branding Update

Recently, The Scout Association updated their branding guidelines for the UK. The new branding included a new logo, new font, new layout and spacing and new colours.

In order to conform to the new branding guidelines, the website needed to be updated and modified. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two different themes.

Scout Group Website Design and DevelopmentScout Group Website Design and Development